Today, RINA Wireless Announced Their Latest Switching Partner, Cambridge Telecom Cooperative (CTC)

RINA is excited to expand its partnership to yet another telephone company who can add to a group of already esteemed rural carriers.

As the newest partner of RINA Wireless, CTC will join a group of several other carriers who, together, operate as a single entity, affording them reduced roaming rates with national carriers and data roaming options. RINA partners can also benefit from a variety of telecommunication services including switching, networking, third party cell carriers with access to infrastructure, electronic communications transmission, and more. While these services are shared between partners, CTC will continue to own and manage their respective cellular sites, and market their plans and services under their own, individual company name.

Operating out of Southeastern Idaho, CTC offers advanced services including high-speed DSL in many areas where larger corporations cannot. CTC was established in 1905 to bring phone service to Adams and Washington counties in Idaho. Since then, as telecommunication evolves, CTC is now able to offer the latest innovations including fiber optic lines for flawless, crystal clear communication, high-speed internet service that reaches 12 Mbps, custom calling features and more.

CTC will be welcomed by other rural telecommunication companies including STRATA Networks (Northeastern Utah), South Central Communications (Southwestern Utah), Syringa Wireless (Southeastern Idaho), Silver Star PCS (Western Wyoming), All West Communications (Northern Utah), Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company (Western Colorado), and Snake River PCS (Oregon).