The Rural Independent Network Alliance, LLC (RINA) provides LTE Core hosting and CDMA switching for rural wireless carriers. The formation of RINA was conceived by the management of two rural wireless carriers, UBET Wireless (now STRATA Networks) and South Central Communications, as a method of reducing the costs of switching while enabling the companies to offer improved and enhanced services to their respective customers.

Prior to the formation of RINA each company owned their own switch and operated it independently in their respective markets. The companies determined that switching should be consolidated in Roosevelt, UT. Combined switching commenced in January 2006.

Mission Statement

To provide quality network switching and hosting services to our members in a prompt and complete manner.

Vision Statement

RINA will provide the latest technology to our partners at the most affordable rates possible.

Core Values

RINA is a Switching Company that enables other rural companies/customers to establish, maintain, and grow wireless services and provide these partners with great support.


Leveraging the power of independent rural providers into a single entity allows for reduced roaming rates with national carriers and better data roaming options. RINA is focused on providing state-of-the-art solutions which members can deploy cost effectively and efficiently. By pooling our collective knowledge and instituting best practices we are providing a foundation for rural mobility to not just survive but thrive. RINA’s strategic relationships with leading technology providers and service providers enable rural carriers to deploy needed solutions while enhancing customer experiences.


Since RINA began operation, several rural wireless carriers have become members who are known as “switching partners:”

  • STRATA Networks – northeast Utah, northwest Colorado, southwest Wyoming (formerly known as UBET Wireless)
  • South Central Communications – southwest and south central Utah
  • Silver Star PCS – western Wyoming, eastern Idaho
  • CTC (Cambridge Telecom Cooperative) – southeast Idaho
  • NNTC Wireless (Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company) – western Colorado
  • Breakaway Wireless (Manti Telephone Company) – central Utah
  • Snake River PCS – Oregon
  • Custer Telephone – Idaho

Leadership Team

Allen Bennion
Allen BennionCOO
Jeff Cranney
Jeff CranneyWireless Supervisor
Mark Murphy
Mark MurphyCore Lead Technician

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