Partnering to accelerate the rapid deployment of Digital Oilfield and Agricultural Solutions

Roosevelt, Utah, April 2nd, 2020 – the Rural Independent Network Alliance (RINA) today announced plans to join the Rural Cloud Initiative, a nationwide strategic alliance with Trilogy Networks to accelerate digital transformation in the Oilfield Services and Agricultural industries. This initiative rapidly extends Edge Cloud Computing and brings the immediate benefits of ultra-low latency to multi-national corporations focused on energy and food production across RINA’s vast multi-state network.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on oil prices and created renewed concerns about our food chain security. This has put enormous pressure on corporate earnings and created a heightened awareness from a national security prospective. Last week’s stimulus legislation makes funding available to support technology enhancements aimed at security, automation, and employment stability.

“The first phase of our alliance includes the deployment of high capacity compute and storage at our Vernal, UT data center, within our central offices, and throughout several cell sites across areas of Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, Alaska, Colorado and several other States” said Dennie Mecham, Chief Operating Officer, RINA Wireless. “This forward-looking initiative delivers real-time analytics at the far Edge of our network covering thousands of square miles of agricultural and energy producing lands.”

“The power of Edge Compute and local storage within feet of the IoT sensors and devices is paramount to the success of all industries” said George Woodward, President & CEO of Trilogy Networks.  “We’re combining RINA’s network, reputation, and wealth of local knowledge with our gig-speed national LinX network and Edge Cloud expertise to create a game changing environment for global industries operating in Alaska and throughout the Western US”

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