The RWA webinar recording (held February 17, 2021) with presenters’ PowerPoint is provided here.  Note, the first three slides are not included in the recording.  Download the full PowerPoint slideshow to view the first three slides.

CBRS presented a tremendous opportunity for regional carriers to generate additional revenues from new services such as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).  But where do you start?

This webinar provided a practical guide for those interested in learning more about the CBRS opportunity and how they can leverage its capabilities even if they don’t have CBRS spectrum.

Our speakers outlined:

  • Overview of CBRS & Fixed Wireless Access market & technology
  • Opportunities for operators to use CBRS to gain additional revenue
  • Real case studies showing how regional carriers can take advantage of CBRS
  • The next step operators can take to begin earning more revenue with CBRS & FWA
  • They shared real-world experience of building CBRS networks for a range of applications, helping shorten the time to market for ambitions operators looking to capitalize on the opportunity.


  • Ivan Goridkov, Director Network Solutions, Ericsson North America
  • Dennie Mecham, Chief Operations Officer, RINA Wireless
  • Bert Potts, Board member for RINA Wireless and RWA