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What you need to know about RINA Wireless


What you need to know about RINA Wireless


The Rural Independent Network Alliance, LLC (RINA) provides LTE Core hosting and CDMA switching for rural wireless carriers. The formation of RINA was conceived by the management of two rural wireless carriers, UBET Wireless (now STRATA Networks) and South Central Communications, as a method of reducing the costs of switching while enabling the companies to offer improved and enhanced services to their respective customers.

Prior to the formation of RINA each company owned their own switch and operated it independently in their respective markets. The companies determined that switching should be consolidated in Roosevelt, UT. Combined switching commenced in January 2006.

Switching Partners

Since RINA began operation, several other rural wireless carriers have become switching partners of RINA. As of today, RINA is made up of nine carriers known as “switching partners:”

  • STRATA Networks – northeast Utah, northwest Colorado, southwest Wyoming (formerly known as UBET Wireless)
  • South Central Communications – southwest and south central Utah
  • Silver Star PCS – western Wyoming, eastern Idaho
  • CTC (Cambridge Telecom Cooperative) – southeast Idaho
  • NNTC Wireless (Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company) – western Colorado
  • Breakaway Wireless (Manti Telephone Company) – central Utah
  • Snake River PCS – Oregon
  • Custer Telephone – Idaho

While switching is shared between the partners, each company owns and manages their respective cellular sites, and markets their plans and services under their own, individual company name. In addition to switching voice services, RINA is providing the opportunity for all switching partners to offer their customers services that they could not offer independently, i.e., data and multimedia services.


Operating as a single entity has also afforded reduced roaming rates with national carriers and data roaming options. RINA is proving to be a great asset to all participating carriers now with great expectations for the future.
RINA offers these services to their partners:

  • Switching services, providing connections to and from telephone customers
  • Networking services, providing access to telecommunication networks
  • Services for cellular carriers, providing third party cellular carriers with access to telecommunication infrastructure
  • Transmission of voice, video, data, messaging, internet services, broadband, and information by electronic communications networks
  • Telecommunications connections to a telecommunications network
  • Internet service providers
  • Wireless broadband communications
  • Consultation in the field of voice, video, and data communication