RINA Wireless Expands Partnership With Snake River PCS

    RINA Wireless Announced Today That Snake River PCS Will Be Joining Their Wireless Switching Partnership

    Located in Oregon, Snake River PCS is the sixth carrier to partner with RINA and is looking forward to joining forces with other rural CDMA carriers.

    As a switching partner, Snake River PCS will now be afforded reduced roaming rates with national carriers and data roaming options, and will have access to a variety of telecommunication resources.

    Snake River PCS started as a small, rural independent telephone company providing local service to the Richland, Oregon area. They have since expanded their services to New Bridge, Sparta, Eagle creek and the Connor Creek area. The company offers competitive phone plans, wireless services, and high-speed DSL/wireless internet. As technologies continue to develop and expand, Snake River PCS continues to grow and become an even more valuable resource to its customers.

    Snake River PCS will be welcomed by other rural telecommunication companies including STRATA Networks (Northeastern Utah), South Central Communications (Southwestern Utah), Silver Star PCS (Western Wyoming), All West Communications (Northern Utah), and Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company (Western Colorado).

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